Sunday, 11 September 2016

Bewdley Book Festival


Situated on the banks of the river Severn in Worcestershire, Bewdley is one of my favourite places to camp as there's lots to see and do there. A few weeks ago then when I first discovered that there would be a book festival there, I jumped at the chance of attending. My interest was piqued even further when I found out that best-selling chick-lit author Carole Matthews would be giving an interview. When a cakey tea was included in the ticket price, it would have been a crime not to attend.

I did have a little trepidation though as this was the first event I'd attended and I wondered if I'd be the one in the corner who didn't know anyone. I needn't have worried as thanks to Facebook, an announcement went out from a Facebook friend to ask who was attending and I was soon invited to make up a table.

With fellow writers Lynn Forth and Morton S Gray

Carole Matthews was exactly as I'd pictured her and her sense of humour shone through. If you've read any of her books then you'll know that they reflect this as they as brilliantly funny. There was one sticky moment before the event got underway though as a very efficient door person almost didn't let her through as she didn't have a ticket! Luckily she was allowed in and told some lovely anecdotes such as how she met Mary Berry. She did admit that her initial success was due to being in the right place at the right time. She was at the forefront of the chick-lit wave and when it swept America after the Bridget Jones' success, she did well over there too. She does work hard to stay at the top of her game though and works from 8am to 6pm with an hour's lunch break every day, taking just August off. There were a few gasps from the audience when they heard this! It was then time for an interval and cakey tea. Unfortunately I only remembered to take a picture after about five minutes when most of the cakes had been devoured.

After questions from the audience Carole very kindly offered to sign books and her partner, the lovely Kev, took photos. All in all it was a great afternoon from all concerned and huge thanks to those involved in the organisation and clearing up afterwards. I finally got my fan-girl moment and of course had to buy a couple of books to mark the occasion.

Julie book line up

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